Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Skin Care Haul- The Body Shop, Farsali- First Impressions

Hi Girls, 

Past few weeks has really been hectic as i was too occupied travelling but then my favourite escape to the boredom and monotony was (and would always be) online shopping. 
Was excited to see year end sale offers  & discounts so some of the picks were like...lures and while others were new and some were on my wishlist.
Lets see some of them which i have in my bucket..
Skin Care Haul- The Body Shop Products

1. The Body Shop Haul- This was like the one most awaited one. flat 50% off sale on The Body SHop site!!!. There were real good products on offer and it was difficult to choose few but then after a lot of random thoughts i picked- 

a. The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream (INR 2495 for 80ml)
I bought this as i was looking for a good Night cream which addresses my Acne prone skin and aging concerns. i was all done with my Kama Ayurveda Night Cream and it worked amazingly well on my skin so that i had too high expectations for others to match. But then Oils of Life was a good deal at flat 50% off although I was eyeing Tea Tree Anti Imperfection mask along with The Charcoal Mask but then its better not to be greedy...hehehe.
My first Impressions- Nice gel cream with pleasant aroma; is so calming and soothing for face. Have used it for 5-10 days and always woke up with plumped, hydrated and glowing skin. No side effects so far. 

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Vinotherapy: Antioxidant Rich Moisturizer from GRAVITALE!

Gravitale Anti Oxidant rich Moisturizer Review

Hi Girls...Boys too ☺☺
Today I am back with one of my recent skin care organic natural formula to take care of skin hydration without any possible harm or side-effect.
If you have read my previous post on Gravitale Revitalizing Skin Gel. It was my first product from Gravitale. And believe me, my love for the product grew day by day with every use. So when came to know about their second launch- Gravitale Anti Oxidant Rich Moisturizer, was sure to give a try.
Rich in Antioxidants, This product brightens the skin, scavenges free radicals, protects against environmental pollutants, and maintains skin firmness and elasticity. Suitable for all skin types

Price- INR 799 for 50gms of the tube. Pricey!!! You can buy this from purplle. 

Packaging- Easy Squeezy tube in whites and blacks; accentuated with colourful images of grapes. Just screw off the cap and don't even need to squeeze, thick white cream comes out in flow. Super duper cool to carry in your bag.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Nalpamaradi Thailam for your skin- Kairali Ayurvedic

Kairali Nalpamaradi Thailam Review

Hi Girls, 
The more I am delving in organic and natural ways of SKin care, more I go close to Oils.  I have oils for every kind of skin care need, be it for face- anti aging, acne or for body, nails and obviously for hairs too. 
You can say, my day starts with oils and ends with it and still my hunger to try oils and concoctions is still not satiated. 
If you remember how i raved about Eladi Tailam and have been using this since quite long. Firstly it was with Auravedic and Kairali Ayurvedics
This would be my third purchase from Kairali after Facial oil. While repurchasing the Eladi oil from Kairali, came across Nalpamaradi Thailam which is again considered to be one of the most effective formula to combat skin infections and also for brightening and glowing properties. So there was a bottle in my hand ! 

Price- INR 130 for 200ml of oil.
Can be purchased online here from company website and also available on too.

A special medicated oil prepared exclusively for skin care. The base oil used is Coconut oil, which by nature has several properties to protect and pamper skin. Itching, burning sensation, redness of skin, infections which causes irritations on the skin surface etc are cured with appropriate use of Nalpamaradi Thailam. Apart from being special oil for skin diseases, this particular Thailam serves the purpose of a preventive measure against skin anomalies, if used regularly. Nalpamaradi Thailam is effective against pitha dominated lesions that affect the skin and is also widely used among children.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo Review

Hi All, 
Reading the title you might have got it...its The Body Shop day today. 
If you have read last few posts, I had discussed how I got my TBS Rainforest Conditioner accidently and how I missed ordering the TBS Rainforest Shampoo. 
The Body Shop, obviously need no introduction but still if you are new to this, let me tell you TBS is an international skincare and cosmetics brand started by Anita Roddick which was later purchased by Loreal, known for its vegan beauty products made from all natural ingredients sourced from community trade with a strong commitment towards protecting the planet and standing firm against animal testing. 
So today when I am over with my TBS Rainforest Moisture Shampoo, guess its right time to present my views- 
Price- 790 INR for 250 ml of shampoo. Available on company site, nykaa and Amazon.
I purchased it from outlet at Indore, a little haul

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

LA Colors Matte Lipstick in Mad Love: Review & Swatches

LA Colors Matte Lipstick in Mad Love Review

Hi Everyone, 
Recently i have developed affinity for pinks-purples and have bought several of my stuff including makeup in the colour. Guess this is my transition from nudes to bright shades and i could not believe it looked good and earned several compliments...
so continuing with my purple fever i am sharing one of the pretty purple-pink lipstick from a new brand. This is LA colors matte lipstick in shade MAD LOVE.
LA Colors is brand which claims to be fun, fearless cosmetic brand known for its quality and affordable makeup range which is not tested on animals. This is my first ever encounter with the brand.


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